Your Essential Oils & Jean A. Sturgill

For nearly three decades our family has moved little by little toward more natural and healthier choices. Although we still enjoy our junk food, we’ve also enjoyed some of the best foods. These include: natural and free range chicken eggs, high quality supplements, herbs, and garden grown veggies (occasionally). When we can, we buy beef and pork grown by folks we know.

Along the way, We’ve tried many natural remedies to treat our health challenges. When the strep test came back negative and the doctor said it could be mono, I turned to a specific water soluble vitamin, an onion poultice, and especially prayer. AND garlic has become a favorite when I have a cold.  – Caution: Garlic and onions are also a great way to make your spouse think twice before approaching you.

Since the veggies I enjoyed as a child were from our family garden, and we had experienced benefits from dabbling with natural remedies, the use of essential oils was a natural progression. Our choice of essential oils was influenced by recommendation and the high quality of the essential oils available to us. When it comes to family, not just anything will do.

Jean is and award-winning speaker and the author of multiple books:



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“3 Cool Things & 3 Ways to Use Essential Oils With Confidence”


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